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Hello and welcome to Specialty Hypnosis. My name is Mark Newhagen, and I am a provider of hypnosis services for a variety of issues and problems that you might be trying to deal with in your day-to-day life. Why not give Hypnosis a chance to help you? -- Experts believe that everyone can be hypnotized. Most folks find time in the hypnotic state to be a very nice experience. -- So what are you waiting for?

If you desire to be less stressed, less worried, less upset, to put aside the old muck that has been holding you back, then do give Hypnosis a chance. Begin that new part of your life wherein you are more calm, more relaxed, more comfortable with yourself and your life, so that you live more fully and completely.

Helping all who need help. I specialize mainly in women's issues, including but not limited to - stress, depression, phobias, pain and discomfort, and dietary problems. Not only do I help women, I also work with men and children to overcome a variety of life issues from stress and low self-esteem, eating problems and study issues to public speaking and more.

Get to know Specialty Hypnosis:

  • Hypnotherapy Services - Free yourself from stress headaches, anxiety, teeth grinding, fear of heights, stage fright, drug problems, weight loss issues, and much more with hypnosis.
  • About Me - Learn about your hypnotist.
  • Testimonials -  Read some of my customer's testimonials.
  • Contact - Look to learn more about when and where you begin changing your life for the better.

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